LA Signature HUGE Assorted Candy PARTY MIX BOX 6.50 LBS/104 OZ Over 255 Individually Wrapped Candies of All Time America’s Most (Purple)


Candy is dandy, and this bag is full of it! Get your sugar fix with the LA Signature Assorted Candy Mix and indulge in a barrage of popular favorite candies, gummies, pops, mint, chew gums and more are all here to sweeten your day. All items are individually wrapped and packaged in a Custom LA Signature Gift Box, and so you can see just how much candy is left. The Assorted Candy Mix is great for party bowls, Halloween guests, family gatherings, or just for household munchies. All LA Signature products are packaged with foods of the highest quality, and we are glad to make our consumers’ satisfaction our #1 goal and priority.

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